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In the publication list below, authorship by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are respectively marked by (*) and (**). A pre-published version can be found for most of my recent papers on my SSRN PAGE

(Most preprints can be distributed at request)
  • Jiang R., Saunders, D., Weng, C. (2020). The reinforcement learning Kelly strategy. 

  • Jiang R., Weng, C. (2020). Climate change risk and agriculture-related stocks. SSRN

  • Shen, Z.*, Weng, C. (2020). A backward simulation method for stochastic optimal control problems. arXiv

  • Guo, D.*, Phelim B., Weng, C., Wirjanto, T.S. (2020). Age matters. SSRN

  • Guo, D.*, Phelim B., Weng, C., Wirjanto, T.S. (2019). When does the 1/N rule work? SSRN

  • Guo, D.*, Phelim B., Weng, C., Wirjanto, T.S. (2019). Eigen portfolio selection: A robust approach to Sharpe ratio maximization. SSRN

  • Guo, D.*, Weng, C., Wirjanto, T.S. (2018). Sample eigenvalues adjustment for portfolio performance improvement under factor models.

  • Zhang, J.*, Tan, K.S., Weng, C. (2021+). Optimal dynamic longevity hedge with basis risk. European Journal of Operational Research, in press. SSRN

  • Diao, L., Meng, Y., Weng, C. (2021+). A DSA algorithm for mortality forecasting. Accepted by North American Actuarial Journal.

  • Lin, H.*, Saunders, D., Weng, C. (2021). Mean-expectile portfolio selection. Applied Mathematics and Optimization 83, 1585–1612.

  • Neuman, E., Schied, A., Weng.,C., Xue, X. (2020). A central bank strategy for defending a currency target zone. Accepted by Systems & Control Letters Volume 144, October 2020, 104761.

  • Lin, H.*, Saunders, D., Weng, C. (2020). BSDE approach to utility maximization with square-root factor processes. Operations Research Letters 48(2), 130-135. 

  • Shen, Z.*, Weng, C. (2020). Pricing bounds and bang-bang analysis of the Polaris variable annuities.   Quantitative Finance 20(1), 147-171.

  • Shen, Z.*, Liu, Y., Weng, C. (2019). Nonparametric inference for  VaR, CTE and expectile with high-order precision. The North American Actuarial Journal 23(3), 364-385. ​​

  • Lin, H.*, Saunders, D., Weng, C. (2019). Portfolio optimization with performance ratios. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance 22(5), 1-38. 

  • Chen S., Liu, Y., Weng, C., (2019). Dynamic risk-sharing game and reinsurance contract design. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 86, 216-231. 

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  • Diao, L., Weng, C. (2019). Regression tree credibility model. The North American Actuarial Journal 23(2), 169-196. R-codes for numerical examples of the paper:

  • Xue, X.*, Wei, P.*, Weng, C. (2019). Derivatives trading for insurers. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 84, 40-53. 

  • Xue, X.*, Zhang, J.*, Weng, C. (2019). Mean-variance hedging with basis risk. Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry 35(3), 704-716.

  • Wu, H., Weng, C., Zeng, Y. (2018). Equilibrium consumption and portfolio decisions with stochastic discount rate and time-varying utility functions. OR Spectrum 40(2), 541–582

  • Zhang, J.*, Tan, K.S., Weng, C. (2017). Optimal hedging with basis risk under mean-variance criterion. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 75, 1-15.

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  • Weng, C.,  Porth, L., Tan K.S., and Samaratunga, R.*, (2017). Modelling the sustainability of the Canadian crop insurance program: A reserve fund process under a public-private partnership model. Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practices 42(2), 226-246.  

  • Sun, H.*, Weng, C., Zhang, Y., (2017). Optimal multivariate quota-share reinsurance: A nonparametric mean-CVaR framework. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 72, 197-214.

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  • Tan, K.S., Weng, C., Zhang, Y. (2011). Optimality of general reinsurance contracts under CTE risk measure. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 49(2), 175-187.

2010 and earlier
  • Tan, K.S., Weng, C., Zhang, Y., (2009). VaR and CTE criteria for optimal quota-share and stop-loss reinsurance. North American Actuarial Journal 13(4), 450-482.

  • Weng, C., Zhang, Y., Tan, K.S., (2009). Ruin probabilities in a discrete time risk model with dependent risks of heavy tail. Scandinavian Actuarial Journal 2009(3), 205-218.

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  • Zhang, Y., Weng, C., (2006). On the correlation order. Statistics and Probability Letters 76, 1410-1416.

  • Zhang, Y., Lin, Z., Weng, C., (2006). Some limiting properties on the bounds of present value functions of a life insurance portfolio. Journal of Applied Probability 43(4), 1155-1164.

Unpublished (forever)​​
  • Weng, C., (2015). Developing Analytic Formulae of Risk and Reward Measures for Discrete-Time CPPI with Regime Switching and Transaction Cost, 28 pages. PDF

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